28 Spokes

Inspired by London Cyclist's compilation of bicycle stands from all over the world, we decided to get involved by bringing some unconventional bespoke designs into the capital. 


In collaboration with commissioned artists, openspace will create, produce and install a series of unique outdoor bicycle stands.


By introducing elements of innovative design into the area we intend to improve its visual  environment, as well as promote cycling and a healthy lifestyle.


Where:  The Borough of Newham, east London.


What:    28 bespoke bike racks in 7 locations.


When:   June-August  2016.




                      There are at least 28 spokes in a bike wheel

My School Playground

This programme gives pupils the opportunity to have a real impact on their environment by integrating the arts into their school culture through a 1-month artist residency. The residency consists of series of participatory workshops based on the artist's initial proposal.


During the first two weeks, a professional artist works alongside the school community to creatively explore the school environment through a series of workshops as it relates to the initial design idea. Workshops will then develop the design, introducing various techniques and media, art history examples and their personal vision. These series are tailored to suit the specific needs of the school, by picking the subject matter, materials and hours most relevant to them. 


Over the next two weeks the children will create the piece – usually a sculpture or mural – under the direction of the artist.


For each school we specially commission established professionals with their own unique style and experience of engaging with children in an educational setting. Our approach is to let the artist give a general direction to the workshops, at the same time encouraging creative input from pupils both at the stage of developing the design and – most importantly – in the practical work of creating the art piece itself. 


The project helps pupils develop visual perception and literacy, creative thinking, teamwork, initiative, concentration and responsibility by taking them through the entire creative process. By producing a tangible art piece My School Playground encourages a sense of ownership and belonging within the learning environment and ensures a living legacy, which will inspire future generations of students.

My School Playground, openspace

In November - December 2014  openspace commissioned the artists, as well as devised and managed the programme in William Bellamy Primary School, Marks Gate Junior School and Marsh Green Primary School in the borough of Barking and Dagenham (east London).


You can read a report by The Barking and Dagenham Post here: Meet the Children Turning Their Playgrounds into Art.