Detective Days Out: Cambridge

In 2022 Detective Days Out are coming to Cambridge.

We aim to attract local history and detective lovers, as well as those who are after family-friendly events in the open air, from Cambridge and beyond. 


Local volunteers are at the heart of making this project. 

The programme of a Detective Day Out includes an interactive adventure Murder Mystery Game on the streets of the city during the day and theatre performance at a landmark venue in the evening.



Led by a Game Master, guided by a GPS-based DayOut app and secret signs, groups of participants will move from one location to another trying to resolve three murder mysteries. Will you be fooled by the smart criminal or will you be able to crack the mystery through the victims' life stories while exploring the city?

The game participants will be flexible with their time: to stop for lunch at a pub, picnic on the grass, visit a museum or make any impromptu detour from the trail is ok as long as you are back on track and the mystery is resolved in the end ...

The walking trail is linked to historical places of Cambridge, including some hidden gems, allowing discovery (or rediscovery) of its past, no matter dark or glorious.


The evening site-specific performance will allow the audience to witness a crime plot unfolding in a spooky old house. Seated outside, you can follow the story both by seeing visible events through the windows and by hearing invisible goings on inside.

As always with Christie, what one assumes is deceptive and the truth is hard to uncover.

However, the three cases investigated earlier in the Murder Mystery Game may shed light on who's who.

In collaboration with 274 Theatre Company.