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The public spaces of the city are becoming less segregated and are shared by pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers, goods vehicles, taxis, buses, party-goers, joggers, dog-walkers, traders and trees.

We want to nurture a vibrant public life for all by investing in and celebrating the great outdoors. 

open space
Where it all began


It all began under a bridge.

We walked under it everyday, that horrible rundown old tunnel encrusted with dirt and pigeon poo. We noticed how people’s faces changed from one end to the other, creasing in worry lines and paranoia.

We imagined it transformed by an artist, into a vibrant bridge lit up at night or brightly coloured in the day, a sight for sore eyes. We thought of all those other neglected spots in London.

And then we decided to do something about it…


open space
What we do


Collaborate with performing artists, designers, sculptors, architects and educators. Commission and  co-ordinate arts projects in public places.


Our projects include interactive games and theatre productions, design commissions for street art pieces and bicycle parking stands; artist residencies in schools and participatory sculpture creations in shopping malls.


open space
     Why we do it


We believe that the well-being of the person is directly affected by their visual environment.


As a non-profit organisation we aim to provide settings that facilitate more creativity, instil a sense of ownership in the residents and contribute to a more positive atmosphere in the area.



open space
What do you think?


Artist? Donor? Collaborator?

Council Officer?

A bright spark?


We’d love to hear from you!

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